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My name is Dr. Joseph Serpe.  I know you’ve probably been searching the internet, asking your friends for advice, making appointments with doctor after doctor, getting testing done only to end up with the same old frustrating answer…

Another pill, potion, lotion, confused look or some other maddening response that doesn’t help you truly get better.  If that’s the case then I welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

Tired of seeing this look?

By blending the best of chiropractic, functional neurology and modern nutrition I’ve been able to help hundreds of people because I approach you as a PERSON, not a category.

What is the right direction for you?

That is why discovering your unique Health BLUE-PRINT is so important.  Knowing your concerns, goals, history, physical examination and laboratory findings is the place to start.

But there is more…than just distilling a diagnosis…much more…

We must understand how these pieces of information are tied together.  Nervous system, immune system, endocrine (hormones) systems, digestion, muscle function and so on all relate to one another.  Understanding your “ROOT CAUSES” and how your systems talk to one another is the next step.

Instead, we have to honor the way the body works and help restore function naturally.  This method is called Serpe Brain-Based Therapy.  You can read more about how I blend treating the nervous system / immune system / endocrine system into a healing method that gets results by going to “What is BBT”.

Imagine once again having…..

    • Vibrant Health

    • No Pain

    • Better Sleep

    • A Clear Head to Think, Dream and Grow

    • Energy To Pursue Your Passions and Dreams

    • The Ability To  Enjoy Your Hobbies, Relationship, Your Career!

    • Not worrying about pain, lack of sleep, how many pills you can take before serious side-effects occur or ‘if’ your life will ever get back on track…

Take action now and call (630) 357-2299, like so many others have, and get back on track with real living!

Serpe Brain-Based Therapy (BBT)™, Objective Nutritional Programs based on Dr. Serpe’s specific analysis of your lab work, Serpe Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Program™, Licensed Massage Therapy, Contemporary Therapies like Chiropractic, Interactive Metronome©, and so much more is available to help you get better faster. 

With all the tools we have at our disposal Dr. Serpe is able to help people who were told to just live with their chronic condition.

To Schedule Your Appointment Call 630-357-2299

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